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  • Tesco 3 min

  • Patika 2 min

  • Restaurants, pizzerias, cafes open all year round 3-6 minutes

  • Market 7 minutes

  • Train station 8 minutes

  • Long distance bus stop 3 minutes

  • Tourinform office 2 minutes

  • Municipality 2 minutes

  • Lake Balaton 8 minutes

  • Free beach 15 minutes

  • East Beach 15 min


Places accessible by car

Budapest 1 hour 6 minutes (116 km)

Székesfehérvár 40 minutes (60 km)

Siofok 25 minutes (18 km)

Zamárdi Sound 11 minutes (6.9 km)


M7 Motorway connection: 7 km.

Railway station: 1.7 km 10 direct flights a day from Budapest.

Long-distance bus stop: 200 m 5 direct flights a day from Budapest.



Balatonföldvár has been a popular resting place for decades for those who want a quiet, family holiday. The town has retained its special charm to this day, with its shady promenades and magnificent villas providing real refuge and real relaxation from the big city rush.


The water of the lake is shallow here, gradually deepening, making it an ideal holiday destination for families with small children.


Those who like active recreation and sports can choose from many opportunities, try surfing, sailing, fishing, volleyball, tennis, cycling, horseback riding in winter and go ice skating and dog riding. In the hilly landscapes of the area, wonderful hiking trails await adventurous tourists.


The offer of the summer tourist season is complemented by colorful cultural and sports events (Cult Harbor, festivals, theater performances, concerts, field music, exhibitions, domestic and international sailing competitions). At the link below you will find the internet program booklet of Balatonföldvár and many more interesting information about the settlement.

Free beaches

The street-side part of the huge grass area is mainly occupied by sandy sports fields - basketball, beach volleyball, football fields.


In the rest, you can find shade under large trees, but there is also plenty of open space for sunbathing. In recent years, three times a week, animators have organized a program for adults and children alike. It included a wide range of leisure activities, from handicrafts to games of skill and various sports competitions.


From 2017, a 42-meter-long, 1000 m2 pebble beach has been created, and from this season, the comfort of bathers will also be provided by new safes, deck chairs and parasols.

On the beach there is the Viharsarok Sailing Center, where from the beginner to the advanced level, individual, services and schedules are prepared for those looking for relaxation, recharging, good company and adventure.

Admission to the beaches is free


Beach services:


  • Pebble beach

  • Use of toilets, changing rooms, showers

  • Beach animation, playhouse every weekend in July-August

  • Use of playground equipment

  • Wi-Fi


Services available at an additional cost:

  • Pedalo rental

  • Slide - 9 meters high, 84 meters long

  • Umbrella and deck chair rental

  • Services of the Viharsarok Sailing Center (surfing, sailing rental and education, yoga classes, safe deposit box)

  • buffets


Dog friendly beach nearby

The most shady dog-friendly bathing place on Lake Balaton is located in Balatonföldvár.


The nearly 2,500-square-foot area of ​​the spa has plenty of space to play, and plenty of wood provides shade for dogs tired of bathing. The water deepens here relatively quickly, but thanks to the reeds next to the bathing place, it remains shallow near the shore, so you can not only swim in Lake Balaton, but also play ball, frisbee, or even chase. Dogs and their owners can also enjoy Lake Balaton under cultured conditions on site.

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